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Platforms to elevate your business

Your operations and competitiveness in the market depend on having the right tech for your needs. Futurice is your guide in setting up the tech environment and data platforms your organization needs to adapt to changing business demands and grow to the next level.

Choose the right tech — and for the right reasons

The day-to-day operations of any enterprise are heavily reliant on technology. With business models also becoming increasingly based on digital products and services, organizations are left with an even wider range of difficult and far-reaching decisions to make: Which tech environment and architecture to commit to? What kind of approach to take on data or cloud? Which ecosystem to bet on for new growth opportunities?

Making the right tech choices to carry your organization to a brighter and better future requires a thorough understanding of your business. The first step is to pick a partner with a proven track record in creating lasting impact through combining tech and business expertise – we are here to help and deliver.

There’s no business like data-enabled business

Smart business runs on data. From strengthening automation and intelligence to unlock more connected and dynamic operations, to adding an all-new layer of foresight into your decision-making, data capabilities will be crucial to ensuring your business stays one step ahead of the competition both today and tomorrow.

Whether you’re choosing the right data platform for your service offering or weighing between different ways to implement AI/ML in your organization, Futurice has the data engineering expertise you need.

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We are certified professionals

  • 140+ Microsoft Azure certifications
  • 130+ AWS certificates and accreditations
  • 10+ Google Cloud certifications

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Keep your core applications relevant and running like clockwork

Especially when dealing with business-critical systems, there’s very little reason to leave anything to chance. Unscheduled downtime in customer-facing services will hurt your revenue and reputation alike.

The smart thing to do is to plan ahead and optimize before things can go wrong in the first place. Choosing the right practices to run continuous services helps you get the best value out of your applications in production, and doing the same for IT operations and infrastructure gives you peace of mind both in terms of scalability and finances.

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