Sustainable futures 2022 highlights | Stockholm

Sustainable Futures is a yearly event organized by Futurice to explore challenges and opportunities organizations face when trying to build and implement sustainable development frameworks across the value chain.

Tapping into shared value opportunities

From the challenges of technology adoption, to data readiness and digital maturity, from capabilities and ways of working, to business models and product and service development, from partnerships to ecosystems - the opportunities for successful, holistic and impactful transformation are endless. And innovation is how we get there.

That’s why we bring together Nordic industry leaders across sectors every year for an inspiring day of discussions and workshops on elevating capabilities, enabling change, boosting ecosystems and co-creating value for a resilient, impactful and sustainable future.

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Sustainability is a true business disruptor. How can we develop new business models that really drive sustainability?

-- Rebecka Carlsson, Keynote, Author of Exponential Climate Solutions

People used to think that digital is sustainable. We need to own our impact. If everyone owns their impact, we will know what we need to do and what is our perspectives on sustainability.

-- Gabriele Garavini, PhD, Panelist, Director of Venture Building, Scania

We need to collaborate across different types of organizations and players in the ecosystem. New business models for shared technologies, development and shared platforms, and co-development between players.

-- Maja Påhlman, Panelist, Head of Innovation at Lantmännen


  • Keynote: Exponential Climate Solutions

    Rebecka Carlsson, Author & Sustainability entrepreneur

    How can we develop new business models that really drive sustainability? Sustainable Future’s Keynote Rebecka Carlsson, author of the sustainability bible “Exponential Climate Solutions”, explains in this thrilling keynote the journey towards climate solutions and the value of sustainability as a true business disruptor.

  • Panel #1: What is stopping us from building sustainable futures?

    Erik Nygren (Doconomy), Ulla Sandborgh (Jokkmokk Iron), Gabriele Garavini (Scania) moderated by Andreas Lindqvist (Futurice)

    The various roadblocks and obstacles that companies face when trying to implement sustainable practices such as silo thinking, resources, technology and tools get discussed on this lively panel, including insightful ways to turn those challenges into opportunities across sectors.

  • Panel #2: How can we collaborate to build a sustainable future?

    Sara Davidson (Klarna), Maja Påhlman (Lantmännen), Gigi Ryberg (Stora Enso), Mary Jackson (Futurice) moderated by Arvid Årström (Futurice)

    The importance of optimizing ecosystems and broadening partnerships to enable sustainable outcomes was the topic of discussion in the insightful panel. Challenges across scopes are fertile ground for value creation across the value chain.

  • Panel #3: What is the role of technology when building sustainable future?

    Korey Stagered-Pace (Microsoft), Peder Ribbing (King), Mounia Borg (Anch.ai), Teemu Toivonen (Futurice), moderated by Luisa Emme (Futurice)

    The impact that the right technology stack and tools in place can bring to businesses working towards sustainable development is deeply covered in this panel. From AI, to ethical and sustainable practices, to practioner engagement and responsibility, having the right people access the right tools opens multiple pathways towards sustainable growth.

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Key takeaways

Design Director Anna Kholina beautifully captures the many insights that spurred from the full day's discussions in this valuable resource. Have a look!

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Featured speakers

  • Portrait of Christian Von Essen
    Christian Von Essen
    Journalist, author and podcaster at Heja Framtiden
  • Portrait of Rebecka Carlsson
    Rebecka Carlsson
    Sustainability Entrepreneur & Author
  • Portrait of Ulla Sandborgh
    Ulla Sandborgh
    CEO at Jokkmokk Iron Mines
  • Portrait of Gabriele Garavini
    Gabriele Garavini
    Venture Building Director, Scania
  • Portrait of Erik Nygren
    Erik Nygren
    Senior Design Lead, Doconomy
  • Portrait of Sara Davidson
    Sara Davidson
    Global Marketing & Communication Manager, Klarna
  • Portrait of Yingzhi Zhu Ryberg
    Yingzhi Zhu Ryberg
    Director of Strategy & Innovation, Stora Enso
  • Portrait of Mary Jackson
    Mary Jackson
    Senior UX & Service Designer, Futurice
  • Portrait of Maja Påhlman
    Maja Påhlman
    Head of Innovation & Insights, Lantmännen
  • Portrait of Arvid Åström
    Arvid Åström
    Lead Designer, Futurice
  • Portrait of Luisa Emme
    Luisa Emme
    Software Developer & Tech Advisor
  • Portrait of Korey Stegared-Pace
    Korey Stegared-Pace
    Cloud Advocate, Microsoft
  • Portrait of Peder Ribbing
    Peder Ribbing
    Special ML Projects, King
  • Portrait of Mounia Borg
    Mounia Borg
    ESG Expert & Sustainability Researcher, Anch.ai
  • Portrait of Teemu Toivonen
    Teemu Toivonen
    Principal Data & AI Consultant

The change leaders' guide to sustainable growth

By embracing sustainability, businesses can achieve positive outcomes for the environment while also pursuing business objectives such as increased revenue, customer loyalty, and market share simultaneously. This guide explores how businesses can adopt a digital-first mindset to implement sustainability practices and reap the rewards of sustainable development frameworks.

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